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Apr 27, 2015
I plan on moving to DR and one of my biggest problems would have to be electricity. I'll be living on the second floor of my grandmother's house. It's pretty much its own house, it has a kitchen, sala, dining, 4 room 2 baths and a balcony. The electricity in my town has its good and bad days. Sometimes it'll be on for the whole day and go away at night or the other way around. When my uncle lived in that house their invensor would die quickly, there's always been problems with it, it really sucks. Anyways I have no idea how to pick a new one, i have no clue about the watts and volts etc., do I need a battery as well? I really need electricity throughout the day, i work from my computer/laptop and it's absolutely necessary I have internet for the hours I work. I don't use up a lot electricity to be honest. My uncle on the other hand, he would have the flat screen, AC, and fan on with the invensor, it would go out in about 2 hours. I don't care for A/C so I'll probably get rid of it, and I don't watch a hole bunch of TV. So can someone school me on this hole invensor and batteries and other stuff i'm probably forgetting. Thank You.


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Jan 2, 2012
I live in Santiago
Simple, with the right investor and enough batteries you can electrify 10 houses. The question is how much power do you use in a month (we can use that to estimate hourly) then how long do you need inversor power (hr's). That will get us started with investor type an # batteries. Whole house right?


Jul 10, 2004
Running air conditioning with an inverter system makes no sense since the number of batteries required is not practical if you have extended blackouts.

Come up with a list of what you will be running, where you are, and what the normal blackout schedule is, which should be posted for your location by the power company.


Dec 5, 2013
As you clearly mention reliable working environment as your primary concern, here are my 2 cents based on what I have done:

Forget the other electricity consumers first, secure the laptop and internet router power supply. If you don?t have a big budget for this, I would do as follows: 1. Replace your laptop?s battery with a one that has high capacity (7000 mAh+) 2. Try to see if you can get your internet router to take the power out from your laptop?s USB port (in an emergency) 3. You can also get rechargable battery packs which power your laptop for up to 10 hours.

With all this you should have online time up to 15 hours. This does of course not power your fan or anything other that makes you comfortable. You said that you are not consuming that much power, so while inverter + batteries would be a good idea, if there?s won?t be a lot of people living in your household, I would go with a 12v/2 battery or 24v/4 battery inverter. We used to live in a house with three bedrooms, no AC, no fridge connected to the inverter and a few computers and other electronics, and 4 batteries was absolutely too much.

Inverters+batteries are much much more expensive to purchase, maintain and service than anything that only powers up your laptop+internet, but again you might be slightly uncomfortable working if the temperature rises...