Electricity Price Controls


Jul 3, 2002
Does someone know the maximum per kilowatt hour a utility company can charge for the months of December 2003, January 2004, and February 2004? I understand that by SIE Resolution 12-2004 the price was increased to RD 8.76 per kw for March 2004 (up from RD 4.61 in December 2003) but what is the price for the previous months? Was it 4.61 or is there a gradual increase to 8.76?

Besides jumping the gun on the price increase, my utility company (Hacienda Resorts) has also inacted an 'administration' fee of US$90 per month, due to the exchange rate problems but this is just a ploy since the exchange rate factor was already covered by their 400% :laugh: increase in per kilo watt rate since 2002 (price was RD 1.95 in September 2002) obviously to get around the price controls. I deem this illegal and will not pay, but my choices are limited as they will probably cut my power supply off soon.

My other option is to hook up to city power, but then I have to get a generator since it doesn't work half the time.

Right now I would compare my utility company to La Cosa Nostra.