J D Sauser

New member
Nov 20, 2004
I am looking for information about the DR's electrical supply:

A list of all pwer plants, as to location, size (MW's) and source of power (oil, hydro, coal, gaz, what ever...)
A study of how many MW are atually served and how much would be necesairy to supply the country's current need for electrical energy to the grid.
A study evaluating the country's need of energy including all energy production by individuals and so forth (all private power plants), in other words; how much energy is needed TOTAL.
How much of the imported energy sources such as gas, petrol-oil, coal and what ever used to produce electrical energy is costing the country on a daily, monthly or yearly basis and how much of that is not being paid immediately, in again other words; how much of that total becomes debt.
If dept there is, what percentage is it of the total new debt.

I know, this is asking much, but I hope some of you might have some insight that would, put together help to complete that puzzle.

Thanks in advance! ... J-D.

Criss Colon

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Jan 2, 2002
Many of your questions have been answered in the "PRESS"!

and are available in the 100s of articles about the DR's "Electric Supply":cry: (OXIMORON!!) and in "ENGLISH" in the DR1 "NEWS ARCHIVES"!