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Jul 18, 2014

My name is Esteban, I'm an American citizen currently living in the Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo, I been in the island for 5 weeks more or less and I'm currently going through a terrible predicament and I need advice in regards to what I can do.

I couple months back my "wife" and I planned a trip to the Island, I had been here once before and stayed for 4 months and loved it, a few days before the flight my wife tells me she can't make the trip but that I should go ahead and take it, she mentioned that her ticket was refundable but mines wasn't, so I went ahead and took the trip.

Three days after my arrival, I got a message from my wife on Facebook telling me that she was getting a divorce with no further explanation, and emmediately blocked me, a couple hours later my bank card was not working, my cellphone line disconnected and she began to delete all her email accounts. Thankfully I brought a small amount of cash that I kept in the safe of my hotel room.

At this point my vacation turned into a nightmare and I was completely unaware as to what was going on, and what I was going to do, considering I'm orphan and have no family, my wife was my everything and our home was the only home I had to go too... I have some friends but not the type of friend to throw a dog a bone if you know what I mean.

Two weeks after my arrival I got a call from my landloard saying that my wife had emptied out the appartment, disconnected all the services and paid the cancellation fee to our apartment contract.

I emmediately counted the money I had left, I started looking for a place to stay and was able to find a studio in the colonial zone, which would turn out cheaper then pay a hotel fee every night.

On the 26th of this month I was suppose to fly back, allthough hesitant considering that if I flew back I would be homeless as soon as I put foot on american grounds, I went to the airport and when I tried checking in, my ticket had been cancelled.

I'm currently running super low on cash, I have RD$3,000 to my name, I am jobless and I have no one to seek help from.

what can I do?


May 13, 2006
I re-read your previous posts and I am confused. Apologies for my suspicious nature.


hasta la tambora
Apr 4, 2005
What happened to being gay, not that there is anything wrong with that, you state in an older thread you are gay, yet you are/were married to a "wife".

Something about your posts here is a tad fishy.


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Mar 17, 2013
Really smart woman you got,
I love her already,..
can I get her address,..
I would pay your ticket for it,...


Dec 27, 2014
first post asking if 22,000 pesos/ month is enough to live (doable IF you are experienced, anyway, its quite hard, even by my standards :p )
talks about being gay.
now asking for the money because "wife" f.. him over
really interesting


Dec 11, 2003
first, tell the truth.. note that under your name we can click and read all your forum posts ... so get the story straight.. Ha rd to go from I am Gay and
i am Proud to She Done me
Wrong in only a few short months..

the US Embassy will loan you money for transport and expenses. There are homeless shelters in the States.

You did say that you had a job to go back to.. right?

Sometimes in life it takes all the way to plan J to get moving.

this will be an interesting thing to have been through and will make a great story for your later life.

be aware that the Embassy has moved and it will cost a lot of money to take a cab there and back.. maybe $600 pesos.

empanadas and rice and beans for you..
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