Employment Contracts


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Dec 28, 2006
There has been a lot of talk on DR1 about the need to have a written employment contract between you (the employer) and each employee setting out basic things like work hours, causes for termination, salary, start date, etc.

I agree that this is important and ALWAYS used them in the USA. If nothing else, they help to make a number of basic points clear to both parties.

Here is my question: does anyone actually have a well-written employment contract/letter that they use here with the domestic help and/or other employees and that they would be willing to share?

It would be interesting to work together on a good contract/letter and then have everybody provide their constructive criticism about potential pitfalls and improvements.

BTW - I didn't post this in legal or business forums, as the type of employees that most of us have are domestics, gardeners, guards and house-type staff and this is more of a "living" issue.



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Sep 23, 2002
A written contract is a great idea - remember though that many people who would be willing to work as a domestic or gardner may not be able to read.

With or without a written contract you in fact have an agreement based on what actually transpires. What happens in actual fact becomes the standard.

Any written agreement can add to the Dominican Labor Code but never detract from it. YOu need to understand the main points of the code before attempting to write a contract.