English Bookstores?


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Jan 12, 2003
Can you suggest some bookstores where I can buy literature in English. Is there anywhere I can get good second hand books?

Looking out for books on sociology, history, etc. Fiction too but not the types of Grisham, Ludlum, etc. More on the classic lines.

Do the bookstores allow you to spend time there? Are there couches where you can read and enjoy?


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Dec 9, 2002
Nicelife, this has been covered before. For more info do a search on books.

All this refers to Santo Domingo only:

Just to add in case these pre-date the newer book shops: Thesaurus on Av Lincoln esq. Sarasota has a caf? and areas where you can browse. The new Libreria Cuesta behind the Supermercado Nacional on Av. 27 de Febrero esq Lincoln has even better facilities. But, last time I went, the selection of books in English was not that great. I think it varies.

Another new place is the New Horizons Bookshop in Bella Vista Mall on Av Sarasota. They too have a caf? and a reasonably good selection of books in English.

Second hand - can be found in the stalls and bookshops on Calle El Conde, Zona Colonial. Casa Weber on Meri?o esq Restauraci?n (opposite the Amber Museum) has a small selection of good quality 2nd hand books in English tucked away among the artesania.

The Helen Kellogg library in Gazcue holds second hand book sales - see the archives for more details.



Jan 14, 2002
You may want to contact Pib. We did a book search crawl one evening and she took me into places I wouldnt have ventured into myself. If you go with her wear clothes you don't mind getting dusty and dirty though:) She bought some used books in English because she said that they were cheaper than used books in Spanish.



Jan 1, 2002
Well Jazz, what can I tell you?

I am poor. And frugal (some say cheap).

Re-re-posting old stuff:

Libreria Cuesta (southeast corner of 27 de Feb and A. Lincoln): it has been recently renewed and re-opened. It looks very nice now and features the largest selection in town (in Spanish of course). The English section is no good.

Thesaurus (southeast corner of A. Lincoln and Sarasota): More English books than Cuesta. They have a nice cafe on the second floor in case you want to leaf thru your newly-bought book while sipping a coffee.

The Book Store: Only English books, mostly for children. On Sarasota near Hotel Delta.

Bookies (Ave. 27 de Feb.): Stephen King kind of books.

Stand on El Conde St. (no name, right in front of where McDonalds used to be): This is where I buy my books when I am not looking for something specific. They sell used books in many languages, you have to go thru all the stuff and get your hands dirty. Once in a while I find a jewel there. Please don't pay more than RD$25.00 for a book in English or he might charge me more next time.

Become a member of the Hellen Kellogg Library: Plenty books in English. The Hellen Kellogg Library is at 253 Avenida Independencia (betwen Osvaldo Baez and Danae behind the Church of the Epiphany which is beside the Hotel Casona Dorado). They have a sale at RD$10 apiece the first Saturday of every month.

Become a member of the Dominico-Americano Library : Dominico-Americano is on Lincoln directly across the Hotel Hispaniola.

Buy on Amazon: If you need something specific this is the way to get it. Have them shipped to a mail box in Miami, such as EPS (you have to be a member) and they will send it to you in DR for a fee.
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