English Bulldog 1.8 yrs old


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Mar 8, 2011
My mistake . Maggie is an 1.8 yr old english bulldog I brought into my home. NO background information except she was breed and had 1 litter of puppies, she has been in a crate. NEEDS A NEW HOME

She gets along with my fixed male BUT not my female rottie. - they fight and she looses.-- Vet checked all labs good,possibly new heat soon ? therfore I can spay her yet.....

I am working on basic manners with a trainer and will continue.

Anyone intrested please help.

chico bill

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May 6, 2016
After talking to my wife, we may want more a 'property dog'' not a house pet
Then my wire hair terrier is the dog you need. She won't let a fly on the property and less she's known them for a while. But you need to escort your friends inside until she gets to learn their scent.

The other night she woke me up barking because a police truck had parked in front of my gate at 1 AM and a lady policewoman was standing outside the truck having a loud conversation on her phone. This is the 3rd time it happened.

Even me shining my flashlight on strobe didn't get them to move on. I live on a dead end road - the police come here to sit out their shift and do nothing. I should have released the hounds on them. I think I trust the police less than the tigueres