Environment Minister Ceara-Hatton: The challenge is to coexist with nature


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Feb 20, 2019

During an interview with the Corripio media group, Environment Minister Miguel Ceara-Hatton described as unsustainable the present economic, social and institutional production model of the Dominican Republic. He called for an abrupt change to the way the country handles its present ecological footprint of production, consumption and final destination of wastes. “The challenge is how to learn to coexist with nature,” the Minister told the journalists. Ceara-Hatton has been on the job since mid-July 2022 when he was appointed after his predecessor was murdered, reportedly for not acquiescing to requested environmental permits.

Ceara-Hatton says the first step is to change the mindset of Dominicans so that sustainability becomes part of the Dominican culture. He mentioned how Dominicans changed their mindset in the past to adopt the use of seatbelts that are now generally accepted...

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