Esta Noche con Mariasela: What’s happening in Haiti


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Feb 20, 2019

Santo Domingo senator Faride Raful (PRM-National District) hosted together with journalists Camila Duran and Diana Lora a panel on Tuesday, 28 September 2022 with the participation of experts explaining the nuances of what is happening in Haiti. The panel called for a change to the traditional focus that has prevailed in Haiti and has not been working over the past decades. The participants were negotiating guru Nelson Espinal; former deputy minister for international cooperation at the Ministry of Economy Inocencio Garcia; 2016 presidential candidate in Haiti Jean Bertin and university professor Fernando Peña.

Jean Bertin said that all the truth about what is happening in Haiti is not circulating in the Dominican media nor in the international media. He says that Haiti is a large country and the crisis is concentrated in specific urban areas. He said in 60% of the...

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Jul 10, 2004
The gangs control the streets in one part of Haiti and critical routes throughout the country making transit difficult and elections impossible. 40% of the police are in gangs. It is suggested that disarming the gangs must be done to proceed, yet military intervention from the outside always fails so they don't want that.

Apparently, there is no solution or the non-gang members of the Haitian population would have already done what needs to be done. Without strong and armed intervention (aka military intervention) to disarm the gangs, the situation will remain the same or get worse.

The article denies Haiti is a failed state and then describes how Haiti is a failed state run by gangs so that a democratic election is impossible.


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Feb 16, 2016
Anyone one who wants to know what solution I have proposed can read about them in the Haiti Forums.
I have started several threads there and one of them is dealing directly with the current armed conflict in 🇭🇹.
I will not repeat them here.
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