Event Calender Santo Domingo


Dec 11, 2003
This is by way of a plea to those at DR 1 who put up the event calendar to please expand it to include ALL the events at the National Theater and Casa de Teatro and perhaps even the new Palacio. It is still a mystery to me after four years here on how to find out what is playing--- I know that there are symphony orchestras and chorales and stuff but have NO way of finding them. I sometimes read wonderful reviews of events that I missed the night before. (Gee, you idiot, you should have been there, if you only knew) I know that many of the Embassies host cultural events, many small groups and clubs have events... SURELY there is a market for this... Surely there are plenty of people who come to the Capital on weekends or for a few days and want to know what is going on.... Is it the Thursday edition of Hoy that is supposed to have the most complete listings, or the Friday Listin? And why, one may ask simperingly, stupidly, idiotically, with ALL those people working at the ministry, can the national theater not get a web site that works?? Too much to ask.... is it, ??=?:cheeky:


Stay Frosty!
Jan 2, 1999
It's often a mystery to us what's playing :)

We scout the newspapers and local online media for events.

Sure we could call places, but from experience that wastes countless hours finding the right person that knows what's going on, hence we only publish those that appear in the local media.

Feel free to email us if you hear of anything.