Ex-Pat Fatigue


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Jan 21, 2006
El Rey de Mangu needs to lay off the Mangu or start wearing a bra, unless you like the sagging breasts, narrow shoulders pot belly look.


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Oct 4, 2013
After seven years I am exhausted by the constant hassles just to maintain the necessities.
If it was not for my wife running interference I would have left long ago.

Thing I miss most is clear water diving and my boat. Spoiled from years of living in the Keys.
Coming in with fish and lobster in the cooler.
Always had the feeling that the DR does not like expats and makes life more difficult here.
Just as soon as this CV epidemic improves and the airlines begin flying we are off to Puerto Rico to look see.
Great diving, great visibility and even surf.
Puerto Rico honors your US concealed weapons permit, no limits on guns.
Close enough to the DR so my wife can quickly come and check up on the family.
I might even bring my Corvette over on the ferry when we visit.
Guess we will give the house to the kids as no way to sell it. At least we will have a nice place to stay on visits.
There have been the fun times to be sure but its time to look elsewhere.
Ditch the Vette, buy another boat, get a place around Ponce, and start living again.. No ferry needed any longer because the DR is a short hop across The Mona.. Staying adventurous is good for the soul..


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Jun 17, 2017
Were you a Rubberhead( Comm research) ? My older brother was, 2 years in Inuvik, 4 years in Carp, with three vacations in Alert, and a posting to the Embassy in Poland.
No I was posted to 53 Radar Squadron (RCAF Holberg) Marine section at the time before Integration.

bob saunders

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Jan 1, 2002
My Son is presently Colonel responsible for all Aircrew Training.
My family is full of Veterans and serving servicemen.
I hiked the Cape Scott trail in the 1980s. I was posted at CFB Comox for 19 years(two postings) Last one at 442 Sqn. My family is also full of veterans, but only one serving member now, a nephew is a Combat Engineer. https://vancouverislandnorth.ca/communities/holberg/
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