Excellent Chow on Autopista Duarte


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Jul 24, 2004
MotoCaribe is always looking for new, excellent stops for our guests. For a while now one of those stops is the Parada Aleman on Autopista Duarte in Bonao. AZB first put them on the radar screen and it is a great place to stop for food. The gyros are especially good.

But last week Frank12 suggested we stop by a friends' place in Bonao instead. Said it's awesome. And since the guy runs a nice restaurant I heeded his advice.

The place is Tipico Banao, but NOT the one right off the road north of Bonao before the Constanza exit. Nope. It's the "other" Tipico Banao but owned by the same folks. It's just a little hidden, you can't see it from the autopista, but you can see the autopista from it.

Tipico Banao may be one of the nicest restaurants on the island. The building if First Class. Easy in and out. The parking lot is excellent with ample, easy parking for even the big MC van/trailer rig. The grounds are lush and super clean. The rest rooms as good as they get. And the food? Top shelf. They make their own bread and everything else. I had a steak sandwich which is about as good as I've ever had. Alida had a chicken sammich, excellent. Everything the others had looked yummy. Fresh squeezed OJ. Excellent coffee.

First World all the way. Not cheap by any means, but a quality experience.

Tipico Banao is now a regular MotoCaribe stop on the SW tours.

To get there:

  • From the south: take the off ramp at the main Banao exit, the one before the big Palace of Justice building (A big Orange billboard and Sunnix gas station are clues where to exit), go to the bottom of the ramp, turn left under the overpass, and it's just on your left.
  • From the north: take the first exit past Parada Aleman, go to the bottom of the ramp, turn left and it's on the right before the overpass.

Thanks, Frank12, for the suggestion. As always, you know your stuff!


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Feb 28, 2004
The restaurant is "as advertised".
From my experience eating there, I'd say it is the 'power lunch' spot in the area.
Couldn't help but notice the expensive cars in the lot; especially the Ferrari!
Be sure to buy some of the bread when you leave; it's delicious.


Apr 29, 2005
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but I will try this place out next time by


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Dec 9, 2002
We try to time our trips to coincide with lunchtime in Bonao - we take a vote or flip a coin to choose between one of the T?picos and Miguelina.