Executive Branch enacts law for the protection of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder


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Feb 20, 2019

The Dominican Republic now has the Law for the Care, Inclusion and Protection for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders 34-23. President Luis Abinader signed the law on 5 June 2023. It will go into effect in 120 days.

The legal advisor to the President, Antoliano Peralta, remarks that the law needs to be revised to meet inclusion criteria for all persons with disabilities. He favors a comprehensive amendment also of Disability Law 5-13.

Legal advisor Peralta regretted that the new law generates redundancies. He noted that the Executive Branch would have to be very cautious in the regulatory work to take care of the administrative processes that the new norm creates without adequate specificity.

“President Abinader, even aware that the legal text can and should be improved, has decided to proceed with the enactment to offer the citizens affected by this condition the...

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