Expats...Why did you become a resident or a citizen of the DR?


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May 29, 2013
Any type of benefits like that with investment and tax etc seem so bureaucratic that its not worth it anyway.
Yes, that is part of the problem. One example is there is a partial property tax exemption if you have that residency. But, DGII can't just look at Migracion records, you have to do a whole process with Ministerio de Hacienda first to get the property tax exemption.

bob saunders

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Jan 1, 2002
My residency expires July next year and I have had it over 10 years. I am considering applying for citizenship now and have to file application 6 months before it expires. Denmark my country of origin only allowed dual citizenship since 2015. Obviously I would not have given up my Danish citizenship and Danish/EU passport. Now I can have both. I would want the Dominican passport to. There could be some funny situations where a country requires a visa from Denmark and not the DR which would be an interesting story to tell.
Well several years back we were Flying from Chile to the DR with a transfer in Bogota. Due to aircrew getting sick we were 5 hour late leaving Sntiago and ended up having to stay over night in Bogata. All of our group were Dominicans but me, and my wife and I were flying on Canadian passports. It cost us 85 $US for a Colombian Visa and all the Dominicans didn't require a Visa. Airline put us up in a five star hotel with meal paid though.
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