Experience of Building a House while being away.


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Jan 9, 2003
Against most warnings from people on this board and elsewhere, I decided to buy a villa in march 2003. Turned out to be a very good and pleasant experience dealing with professional people and attorney. Also turned out to double my investment in less than 3 yrs. Got lucky?, may be but still a very positive experience, mind you, it's for vacationing only.

Against warnings from everybody on this board and elsehwere, I decided to contract out a new contruction while I would be away in Canada. It was finished just in time for Christmas as promised and turned out to be, again, very pleasant, very positive, and again dealing with pros. Hispaniola Real Estate built me a 4 bedrooms/3 bath with nice pool in Perla Marina. I was expecting complications, arguing over things, and extra money, but they delivered as promised on time at agreed price with Title transfer and no complications.

So, for you out there thinking it's not wise to invest, purchase or build a home in the DR, if you deal with the right people, it's very pleasant. The DR is a nice getaway for people from Canada and the US with short flight (long weekend getaways), decently-priced real estate, cheap food and beer, very nice dominican folks, excellent beaches, not too much people, sunshine most days, very flaura, etc.. If you are thinking about buying real estate in the DR and it makes sense for you, do it, stop thinking about it, life's too short!

I would not hesitate in recommending Hispaniola Real Estate for building a new home. In fact, I am probably building a new one starting in march. I am sure one could find a builder that will build for less money, etc.. but for a trouble-free construction while you are away, they are excellent.

PM me or email for references.
Eric Carignan


Apr 4, 2002
Conchman said:
the key is hooking up with the right people...they are hard to find here....thanks for sharing the positive experience.
And for that, you have to be very lucky.
I am glad for the OP, but it is the exception, IMHO.


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Jan 5, 2006
I also had a good experience. When I bought my house it was only half built. I left a down payment and agreed to pay the rest when the house was completed. I returned 2 months later and was very pleased with the results. My dream home was finished. I got a lawyer, paid the rest of the money and recieved the title and keys to my new home. It was a smooth trouble free transaction. The people I dealt with were responsible and professional.