Expo Cibao


Oct 24, 2015
Yesterday I went to Santo Domingo and could not find a store that sells digital cameras. Somebody sent me to Astra and they had one demo left, but the battery cover was broken off. Nothing in Sambil or MegaCentro, but photo studios tell me they buy theirs on the internet.

I also ran around the bureaucracy looking for an authoritative map of Distrito Nacional because I still don’t know if María Montéz station is in Provincia Santo Domingo or Distrito Nacional. I wound up at Instituto Cartográfico Militar where they had some maps that don’t show the line, and the office across the hall called Límites Geográficos was closed.

This evening I attended Expo Cibao https://expocibao.com.do/ in Parque Central in Santiago, which used to be an airport. At the opening ceremony some big shots made speeches, one describing the event as “donde confluyan las buenas ideas.” so later I shared mine with him, about if the stores would kindly place beside the prices of Dominican goods the Dominican symbol so consumers could identify these brands more easily; which by itself could easily double the sales of these brands.

bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
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