extending the 30 days visa



what do people think about the possibility of going to PR or Haiti for a night to get an extra 30 days in the DR.. ? is there anything preventing me from doing this monthly or do the Dominicans get crazy about it and might it cause me hassle ? I just wish they d offer more than a month for me to make absolutely certain that I want to stay in the DR and go through all the hassles of getting legalized

william webster

Some say that doesn't work....
Pto Rico will....by ferry w/ a car if you like


There is a term for doing that and in many countries it is not allowed. If one leaves the country they need to stay out for a period of time before they may return to the original country on an renewed visa/tourist card arrangement.

I have been told that entry stamps are not issued to tourists returning to the DR from Haiti unless specifically asked and paid for and the individual has been out of the DR for a period of time longer than just one day. I don't know the situation with Puerto Rico.

Sooner or later people are going to tire of this 30 day routine here in the DR and either get residency or head to someplace that lets them stay for 90 days or longer at a time. Since the tourist card is included in airfare, the most predictable way to slip in and out of the DR is by air. DR immigration doesn't seem to care if you use this method. I don't recall any air passenger stories reporting that immigration asked them why they are back so soon...


I'm in Haiti now. I over stayed about 3 months and had to pay 4000 pesos to leave last Friday, August 9. I will let you know what happens when I go back tomorrow.