Extradition from Santo Domingo


Oct 21, 2002

I found this happening fascining.. Possibly Chiri could comment... (For all.. please don't drag up any of the old Haiti Hatred stuff.... All that is for discussion here is a possible international incident between the DR, Haiti and the US and the legality/illegality of this happening)

"In fact, Brian Concannon of Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, said the entire extradition process was illegitimate. There's no extradition treaty between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, "but under international law, in general, countries are allowed to kick out non-citizens for a host of reasons," Concannon said. "The exception is the prohibition against sending people back to where they will be persecuted for their political beliefs, which is one of the strongest and clearest tenets of international law. In this case, it is clear that Raymond will be subject to political persecution."