Faride Raful had said she would resign the legislative slush fund, now she has found a better use for it


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Feb 20, 2019

When she was an opposition deputy in the Chamber of Deputies, young legislator Faride Raful was very vocal speaking up, calling for an end to corruption, more checks and balances in government, and eliminating the slush fund in Congress. The fund delivers legislators upwards of RD$300,000= US$1 million + a month for use at their discretion. The legislators defend the fund saying they use it to meet the humanitarian needs of their constituents.

When campaigning for National District senator, Raful had said she would resign “the little barrel.” But so far, she did not join the Senate’s president, Eduardo Estrella (DxC-Santiago) and Antonio Taveras (PRM-Santo Domingo) who did resign, keeping their promises to do so made during the electoral campaign. Raful now instead announces she has created a technical fund. She explains this is a way to “redirect the funds to the real needs in the...
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Jan 7, 2016
What an about-face. I'm disappointed but not surprised.

If she publishes a monthly report of where the funds were spent it will renew my faith in her.


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Apr 1, 2014
"legislators upwards of RD$300,000= US$1 million + a month"
I am a little confused. Is the US$1 million + a month the amount
in total all of the legislators combinded are receiving/ spending?
RD$300,000 = a lot less than a million bucks, its closer to US$5,000