Faride Raful leads Senate’s JCE assessment, Ricardo de los Santos on leave for Covid-19


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Feb 20, 2019

National District senator Faride Raful is now heading the multi-party committee interviewing the more 334 candidates for the five members of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) and their five alternates. She replaces Ricardo de los Santos, who tested positive for Covid-19. Both represent the ruling Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRM).

In a new development, former President Hipólito Mejía announced his position is that independent persons without direct political ties be chosen to the JCE board. Mejía is a high-ranking member of the ruling PRM. He has acted as a dissident to Abinader, who he opposed for the presidential candidacy of the party in 2019. Former JCE judge Eddy Olivares recently resigned from being Mejía’s political spokesman to apply for a seat on the JCE board. Olivares has said he seeks to be voted the presiding judge.

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