Faux Painting - Using Sand as an Additive


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Jul 23, 2011
Hello Everyone,

I have plain white concrete walls throughout my condo and want to jazz them up a little without spending a lot of money. So I tried adding clean white sand to some white acrylic paint and put it up on one of my columns. It creates a texture sort of like little bitty raindrops running down the wall. It's hard to get the application even but I think it adds to the appeal. Any comments on why this would be a bad idea? Maybe the sand will flick off eventually and I'll be cleaning all the time? Maybe it was OK with a brush in a small area but wouldn't work with a roller? I haven't tried it with a color so I wonder how that will work.... I'm also thinking of using a little bit of limestone (or the like) on one of my main walls. Any tips on that? I installed a slate floor in the U.S. so I think I can do it myself. Ideas?




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Mar 29, 2010
they used to sell paint with sand in it for texture. It was popular back in the 80's and I used it once. I think it will be alright. keep stirring frequently as you paint, to keep the sand suspended in the paint and keep your application more even.