Firefox+ Other Browsers Trojan Virus- SERIOUS WARNING- DON'T USE ONLINE BANKING


Dec 15, 2003
Firefox+ Other Browsers Trojan Virus- SERIOUS WARNING- DON'T USE ONLINE BANKING

Firefox users are no longer being spared from a virus that collects personal information while users visit banking websites.
In a new report, security company Trusteer says the Trojan virus has been spotted on about 1,800 of the 5.5. million computers the company monitors in the U.K. and the U.S.
The malware is also now able to work while users browse in Firefox and Internet Explorer, Trusteer says.
The infection rate "is growing faster than we have ever seen before," said Trusteer chief technology officer Amit Klein.
The Zeus 1.6 virus is designed to infect a system and wait for a user to access a banking site and then sends the usernames and passwords to a remote server.
This is the second version of the Zeus virus. Most of the first version's command and control system was destroyed when the Kazakhstani server being used to administer the virus was cut off from the Internet in March.
The virus wasn't previously able to interact with Firefox, but the new version supports an "HTML injection" that tampers with the browser and allows the Trojan to bypass authentication protocols, according to Trusteer.
The company says the more robust Zeus is also now better able to go undetected by antivirus programs and sends its collected information in real time.
Klein said the virus is expected to lead to "significantly increase fraud loses."

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Zeus banking virus is back warns security firm

Botnets such as Zeus target those using online banking

Zeus, a virus that steals online banking details from infected computer users, is more powerful than ever, warns a web security company.
Trusteer says it has spotted the Trojan virus in one of every 3,000 of the 5.5m computers it monitors in the US and UK.
Zeus 1.6 can infect people using Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers, the company claims.
The malware steals login information by recording keystrokes when the infected user is on a list of target websites.
These websites are usually banks and other financial institutions.
The user's data is then sent to a remote server to be used and sold on by cyber-criminals.
"We expect this new version of Zeus to significantly increase fraud losses, since nearly 30% of internet users bank online with Firefox and the infection is growing faster than we have ever seen before," said Amit Klein, chief technology officer at Trusteer.
DIY virus
In March 2010, many parts of the command and control (C&C) system for the Zeus botnet were destroyed when the Kazakhstani ISP that was being used to administer it was cut off.
However, it does not take long for malware controllers to spring up elsewhere, and toolkits for assembling botnets are readily available on the black market.
"There are plenty of opportunities for people to purchase access to these systems through underground chat rooms," said Dr JD Marsters, from the department of electronics and computer science at the University of Southampton.
"It's a game of cat and mouse between anti-virus vendors and botnet developers."
Computer users should ensure that their anti-virus software and operating systems are kept up to date, he advised.

Spread the word guys on every site you can. It had already affected me when I tried to pay for Hotfile and Paypal sent me a security warning that my account had been frozen. I could not understand why the Hotfile Premium would not work after I paid. Then I received the security notice from Paypal, but they did not say why so I investigated and found these reports.

Mods please make this a sticky it is very serious.



Jun 7, 2008
Appreciate the warning-but what exactly can we do to prevent these criminals from gaining access.


Sep 10, 2008
Computer users should ensure that their anti-virus software and operating systems are kept up to date, he advised.

its been around for over a year(its made a stronger come back) along with other potential viruses, there is always a new one in development- so the advice is to keep anti virus up to date and dont open e mails with attachments


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Jan 2, 1999
I don't know what all the fuss is about??? Oh yeah, I'm on a Mac, no need to follow this thread :)


Dec 15, 2003
I use Kasparskys Pro with a back up from this little gem, the Pro version also.

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The Advance System Care is free to try, but you have to pay for the Pro. It is more than an AV, check it and see the difference on performance of your PC's

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You can read it's praises all over the net.

Because my site is a high tech site for fta Sat TV and computer/applications help, the gurus on there know what they are doing and touch wood we have had no viruses so far on our PCs. ( if any of you need help with your fta SAT receivers, Dishes, LNB's etc. Lots of new info./receivers, inc. a dongle for your Viewsat receivers to get them working again)

Good Luck.

Hey Robert, my son pinched my MAC!!! :tired: