First Covid-19 patient sends his regards from Italy


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Feb 20, 2019

Listin Diario contacted Claudio Pascualini, the Italian who became the first diagnosed case of Covid-19 in the Dominican Republic. He tested positive on 1 March 2020. Pascualini was reported sick at a Dominicus hotel on 22 February. The hotel followed the early protocols and Pascualini was sent to the Ramón de Lara Air Base Hospital in Santo Domingo (an hour and a half drive west of the hotel) for 54 days.

In the interview with Listin Diario, the Italian furniture store manager said he has fully recovered. He recalled at the time he was scared because he was 60+. Pascualini also feared he would be blamed for bringing the disease to the DR. During the interview, he said he has no remnants of the disease. He recalled the excellent care he received at the hospital where he remained for more than a month, leaving in April. Pascualini was hospitalized at a time...

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