First phase: Ministry of Environment launches digital platform for permits


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Feb 20, 2019

Environment Minister Miguel Ceara Hatton announced people can now apply online for Ministry of Environment permits. The new Virtual Environmental Authorization System is an online platform that seeks to speed up and make requests for environmental authorizations for works, projects and economic activities transparent. People now will be able to follow up with the status of their documents, who is handling or processing the document, how long the document has been in who’s desk, and who is the consultant or the promoter of the project, among other relevant details.

Present for the launching of the online platform at the Ministry of Environment were:presidency Minister Joel Santos Echavarría; Housing and Buildings Minister Carlos Bonilla and the Public Administration Minister Darío Castillo Lugo. Also present were Peter Prazmowski...

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Oct 17, 2015
A surprising good step forward in the interest of transparency. The Environment Department is basically a rubber stamping agency for developers. This new initiative might make both the department and the proponent more accountable. Intervenors will have a much easier way of registering their objections. Whether or not they will be heard and force mitigation measures remains to be seen.