First time in DR (San Juan de la Maguana )


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Jul 11, 2007
Why not go the local route and avoid the language barrier and other hassles?
I suggest you go to a Dominican salon and get a haircut. Meet the ladies that work there and become a regular. There is a variety of choices in the Atlanta area.
Dominicans are very social. You'll probably be invited to a BBQ or a christening in no time. (I met a Dominican gentleman at the supermarket and he invited me to Thanksgiving dinner with his family!).
Go to one of the Dominican restaurants or bakeries in the Gwinnett area. Meet people, hang out and just talk.
Join the Dominicanos en Atlanta facebook page. Listen to the Dominican radio station on Saturdays at 7pm 89.3FM. There you'll hear music, announcements about upcoming festivals and gatherings.
Take evening bachata dance lessons at PasoFino Atlanta.
It?s a relaxed, casual atmosphere where everyone gets to meet each other and dance. It's not a nightclub atmosphere and they have a social gathering one or twice a month.

Go to D.R. to have fun in the sun and meet people. Don?t go looking for love.
I have to agree with most of the advice given to you here. You will be "expected" to be some sort of "savior" and trust me that will get old and boring quickly.

Wish you the best of luck.


Best advice I have heard in the longest!!!!!;);)