Five companies win millions in emergency procurement from the Center for Emergency Operation; their office locations are unknown


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Feb 20, 2019

On Friday, 23 May 2020, investigative journalist Edith Febles asked for an interview with the director of the Center for Emergency Operations (COE), Brigade General Juan Manuel Méndez García. All of a sudden, several procurement contracts awarded by the COE and published on the Procurement Agency website were canceled.

The cancelations are in line with the normal way the Medina administration has dealt when the media has presented evidence of widespread graft in public contracting, especially during the National State of Emergency. Journalists have been who have revealed irregular contracting at the National Institute for Comprehensive Care to Early Childhood (Inaipi), the Ministry of Public Health, National Health Service and Ministry of Defense. As in this case, the government merely again just canceled the contracting. In none of the cases has any penalty been levied, nor an investigation opened...
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