Focus on Migration; Will the DR implement migration laws?


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Feb 20, 2019

For decades, the Dominican Republic has had a lax attitude towards immigration. It is a land of emigrants, with hundreds of thousands living all around the world, many undocumented. The Bible verse, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has always prevailed.

There are also practical issues at stake. The long land border with Haiti makes it very costly and practically impossible to stop undocumented Haitians from crossing over to a land where they find jobs in farming, construction, households and free medical services at public hospitals.

Yet, Haiti’s political, economic, and social crisis has been escalating in recent years, and migration is increasing. Now the Abinader administration has announced new measures to oblige businesses to regularize their workers. The National Migration Council is ordering that the migratory laws be met and is...

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Jul 10, 2004
Now that the curfew is over and people need to be vaxed to enter various locations come October 18.
In other words, the DR is moving on from CV19 and it looks like the focus might shift to the mundane as in:

Could Haiti be the reason that the DR finally starts to enforce its own immigration laws as written so many years ago by the party now in charge after many long years of PLD rule?

Time will tell if those exit fines go away as the laws get implemented - of course this always "All About Haitians"......


Jul 10, 2004
The headline should be "Focus on Haitian Migration".
Indeed, it as always and forever shall be only about Haitian Migration.

After all, there are no other laws about any other type of migration that aren't being enforced, are there?

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Aug 21, 2010
Indeed, it as always and forever shall be only about Haitian Migration.

After all, there are no other laws about any other type of migration that aren't being enforced, are there?

Is this an attempt of sarcasm by Windy?

"He assures that at the rate things are going, with Haitians participating in criminal activities, the country will not only be invaded peacefully, but crime will get worse. He mentioned that in Haiti there are currently eight or nine criminal gangs that are the ones that control that territory.

“We have to start regularizing this situation, we cannot lose our country,” Enrique Garcia stressed during the interview.

He complained that in Haiti, there is no reliable voice, since there is no recognized president, no respected prime minister, no Congress, in conclusion, there is no one to talk to.

“What is left for you when you have such a neighbor is to protect your home, your property and your family, and that is what President Luis Abinader has planned with the border project,” he said.

He explained that this project is not a simple fence, or a wall, it is a project to protect the border.

He said that the Haitian problem must be tackled from different angles, and the first is to secure the border, because Migration does little when it deports the undocumented immigrants and then lets them enter again and again.

He backs penalizing those who employ undocumented immigrants, those who rent houses to them, those who transport them in vehicles. He reminded that all of this is already penalized by law.

He added that different solutions are needed to be implemented for the country to try to stop the rising pace of migration, and then to carry out the necessary studies, to hire the foreign labor that the country needs, but all regularized according to the laws."

Of course the focus is going to be on Haitian Migration.
Abinader and the Dominican government are educated.
To avoid cries of discrimination by international activists, there are general migratory laws in the DR across the board.

The focus will be on Haitians.

Abinader is much less concerned about affluent immigrants overstaying and paying their exit tax/fine, such as snowbirds.
Gringos EU, CAN, US with money and education pose very little domestic risk for the DR.
Uncontrolled access of Haitians does pose a threat and cost to the DR.

For you, enjoy being a citizen and those with residency enjoy that.