*** Football Final ***


Stay Frosty!
Jan 2, 1999
A few of us went to the Brazil vs Argentina football final tonight, it was fun. Argentina won (1-0), wouldn?t say they deserved the win as I feel that Brazil played better overall, especially in the 2nd half. Oh well, thats football.

Half the fun is the crowd, the Olympic stadium was alive, with both countries taunting each other with music and singing.
It almost felt like being back in the UK watching football :)

The American ambassador and his wife sat 30ft away from us with a couple of ?goons? in dark glasses. He sat right on the edge of a massive group of the most vocal Brazilian fans. It was funny to see the ?goons? in action when a group of Argentinean supports celebrated their victory by running into that part of the crowd :)

The downside was the army all over the place with their M-16?s. God only knows what impression this gives a visitor!

All in all, lots of fun!


Jun 19, 2003
i, too, was there.

i was in one of the brazilian "sections".
it was great fun, and where else in the world can you buy beer inside the stadium...... of a final.....with brazil vs. argentina.

the brazilians were much more skillful as individuals than the argentinians, but i did think the argentinians played better as a team.

i was a bit surprised when the argentinian team taunted the brazilian fans at the end. it was all part of the fun, but on many other occassions that would have been a spark for a complete massacre.

i took my three year old daughter, she loved it. it was the first match i had ever taken her to.
i went to see my first match when i was about eight. that was a game between two division three sides. - hardly brazil vs. argentina.
she cried her eyes out at the end, because brazil lost.
so we gatecrashed the volleyball to cheer her up.
we arrived near the end and were some of the only people cheering cuba. when they lost, i thought she would cry again, instead she decided to become an honorary venezuelan. she was dancing and cheering. that really made my day.

i didn't agree with the staging of the games in santo domingo, though i have nothing against the athletes or the sports. however, i have enjoyed every event i have seen.....i hope that doesn't make me a hypocrite.

english premier league starts today!!!