Foreign ministers to discuss possible diverting of Masacre River waters


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Feb 20, 2019

The governor of Dajabón announced the suspension of a meeting between Haitian and Dominican authorities on the irrigation canal under construction in Haiti to divert the Masacre River waters. On the Haitian side of the river, a canal has been dug to irrigate farmland in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. 

The Masacre River is born in the Dominican Republic and runs into Haiti before returning to Manzanillo in the Dominican Republic. The irrigation canal would affect the level of the waters.

Dajabón governor Rosalba Peña Rodríguez says that the governments decided that the conversations be between the ministers of foreign relations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Claude Joseph and Roberto Alvarez. She said these have been in touch. 

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Jan 20, 2003
At the bottom of this article is a map of the area where the Dajabón River is entirely Haitian. The border along the Dajabón province has never been modified from its origin in 1777 between Spain and France.

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