Franco-Dominican Eleonore Caroit seeks reelection in French legislative


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Feb 20, 2019

Dominican Republic-raised, Éléonore Caroit is an experienced French politician with deep ties to Latin America and the Caribbean who is seeking re-election as a deputy representing French citizens in that region in the newly called 2024 French legislative election this 29 June (first round). She was born in Paris but came with her family to live in Santo Domingo when she was one year old.

She represents the centrist alliance of the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Caroit was first elected to represent the 2nd constituency for French citizens abroad in the 2022 legislative election, receiving 57.42% of the vote in the second round. She ran again in 2023, winning with 62.44%.

Caroit is the vice-president of the Foreign Affairs Commission in the French National Assembly, representing the 2nd constituency for French citizens living in Latin America and the...

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