Fraud in the election in Santo Domingo East?


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Feb 20, 2019

Claudio Caamaño Vélez, candidate for deputy for Santo Domingo East for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), was at the Electoral Board of Santo Domingo East to follow up on his team’s request for revision of the 6,554 annulled votes in the District #3 of that municipality. Article 250 of Law 15-19 calls for the review under the present circumstances, yet this has not been done, he says.

Caamaño Vélez denounced that at the head of the municipal electoral boards are persons who answer to President Danilo Medina. He said the staff that participated in the voting stations received very little training, so errors would be many and these could be “fixed” to the convenience of the government party candidates. He said delegates representing the party have identified serious irregularities and oversights that subtracted thousands of votes from the Chamber of Deputies candidates for the...
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