Free WiFi In Maranatha


Jan 1, 2002

Free WiFi for the Maranatha area

"Thanks to Telecable La Unión, Telecable Delancer and Sosúa Rotary Club, free WiFi is now available for the Maranatha area. The chairman of the neighborhood committee Adalberto Mena solemnly opened the WiFi connection with a speech. In it, he said that the neighborhood is often underserved in terms of facilities. But thanks to the Telecable companies and the rotary club, the district now has a freely accessible WiFi connection. " This will be a great study aid especially for students of primary and secondary schools and students of the universities in this district. It should be noted that a free WiFi connection is also available on the beach. This internet service made available by Delancer is of very good quality with speeds of up to 40Mbps! "​

Note that it says the free WiFi includes the beach​

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Feb 16, 2021
Yeah, not to be a buzz kill, but, imagine sharing a 40mbit connection with let's say even 100 people, that's only 0.4mbit.. And the post says "up to 40mbit", so it could be even worse. So, if it's free for everyone, then it's not gonna be very helpful to anyone...
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