French agency lends €20 million to Plan Sierra


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Feb 20, 2019

The French Agency for Development (AFD) will provide €20,000,000 for the needs of Plan Sierra, located in San José de las Matas in the foothills of the Central Mountains. The low-cost loan goes to help the non-governmental agency in its efforts to reforest the Central Mountains and create the conditions for the sustainability of people and the environment in the northwestern provinces. The mountains are the source of many rivers that are vital to those living in the Cibao Valley, including the Yaque, Mao, Amina, Guayubin and Yuna rivers.

The Ministry of Hacienda says the money is to be repaid over 20 years at a fixed interest rate of 0.4%. The whole project needs yet to be approved by the Congress.

Over the past 20 years the AFD has contributed to the reforestation of over 10,000 hectares and the creation of infrastructure for potable water supplies for the...
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