Fulcar meets Ozoria to demonstrate he has the backing of the Catholic Church; Educa president blasts tragedy of delayed return to schools


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Education has made public its recent meeting with Metropolitan Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Monsignor Francisco Ozoria Acosta of the Roman Catholic Church. A press release from the Ministry announces that during the meeting, they discussed the crisis of values affecting the country and the commitment to promote moral recovery through education.

The Archbishop of Santo Domingo has been a staunch supporter against the passing of the three grounds for abortion and sex education in schools. On the other hand, Education Minister Roberto Fulcar has been criticized for putting all the eggs in the basket of distance learning and not preparing public schools for the return to in-person learning. While private schools were ready to implement Covid-19 protocols and return to safe learning in schools, Fulcar refused to authorized their opening...

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