Gallup: 70% of Dominican households don’t have computers nor are connected to the Internet


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Feb 20, 2019

The November 2020 Gallup-Hoy poll revealed the difficulties for online education in the Dominican Republic. The Ministry of Education is set on instating a digital learning program nationwide and is placing an order for RD$15 billion to buy 940,000 computers and tablets. It is confident this will reduce the digital divide in the country.

The poll revealed that the gap in Internet connectivity is greater in the East and Southwest. Even in Greater Santo Domingo (National District and Santo Domingo province) 65% of homes are not connected.

As a result, the Ministry of Education uses time on regular TV channels and radio to broadcast classes. Public schools that already have been supplied with computers and are located in areas with known Internet coverage are working with online learning, supplemented by TV and radio programming.

The poll also asked how the distance...

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