Gas Meters


Aug 27, 2007
Can anyone tell me what the policy is with getting gas service? We were told that is we want gas service for our apartment, we have to pay $350.00 (USD) to have a gas meter installed. Then of course we would pay the monthly service. Since when do you pay to have a meter put in? Doesn't the gas company put the meter in at no cost? Otherwise how could they provide the service?


Jan 1, 2002
There is no "gas service" that I know of. At least not like we used to have in the states, and no natural gas piped into your house either.
We all use propane gas for cooking. I suppose that if you are in an apartment building, you are paying a fixed service fee that includes gas and water and garbage disposal. There are no individual 'gas meters" , at least that I know of.
Come on guys, let me know, huh?


I hope I am right on this.


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Feb 21, 2008
if its not communial you will need to install and supply your own tank pipes the lot.
Easy enough just remember to put an isolating valve inside the house as it makes it a little bit safer.
Do not do what someone in the office did last week and connect his new tank to a pipe (unmarked) in his condo turned on the tank at the valve and spent the rest of the day wondering why he could not light the cooker,......wrong pipe and the empty apartment below him full of gas which was pouring in through the pipe without a valve ie open end. Could have been a bit dangerous me thinks....!!!



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Feb 22, 2007
Have not heard of "gas service" either. No pipes lines for domestic use. I can't even begin to imagine how deadly that could be considering the amount of power theft around this country. Oh, and have you seen all the broken water pipes that scatter the area..aye, aye, aye.
If you live in an apartment I strongly suggest getting your own tank/ cylinder, as skippy1 posted. You might want to look into what HB posted i.e. rental agreement. There could be a section on what to do or what not to do concerning this issue in your lease.
Ask other tenants, if there are any, what they use. BTW? What would you be using this gas/ propane for? I'm assuming cook stove.
At my house I have a 100# cylinder and only use it for the cook stove it lasts about 6 months of high use.
If you do get your own cylinder make sure to have the tank/ shut off valve readily accessable and don't forget to put on a regulator valve.