Getting a Chinese Visa at the Chinese consulate in SDQ


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Dec 3, 2012
Does anyone have experience with the SDQ Chinese consulate in knowing if they'll process a Visa to China for Americans?

Criss Colon

Jan 2, 2002
Just be sure you know if it's "The People's Republic of China",.....or "Nationalist China", before you go!!!!!!!
Aug 6, 2006
There is not going to be a choice in any country. No country recognizes two Chinas.

Nationalist China (Taiwan), is officially called "The Republic of China".


Sep 27, 2006
Does anyone have experience with the SDQ Chinese consulate in knowing if they'll process a Visa to China for Americans?
here is a thread from last year:

basic info here:

here, i found it, camara china de comercio de la republica dominicana. they offer consular services:
Consular - CCCDR

Trade Development Office from China in Dominican Republic
Ave. 27 De Febrero, FORUM Building, 11th Floor,
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Tel.: (809) 373-3825
a recap from the OP here:

Hi Guys,
Just to let you know i went into Santo Domingo yesterday and applied for the visa. The woman behind the desk was very helpful and helped me fill in the form for the parts i did not understand. For anyone else out there that requires a visa here is all the information that you need.
Visa de Negocios
(Negocios, Trabajos de corto tiempo, Pasantia, Seminarios, Conferencia o Congresos) ESTUDIOS
Pasaporte original y copia de la primera pag (6 meses m?nimo de vigencia)
Completar el formulario de solicitud
1 foto 2x2
Copia de cedula y original
Carta de banco
Carta de trabajo
Carta de invitacion por parte de la empresa en China
Reservacion de boleto ida y vuelta
Reservacion de hotel y/o carta de justificaci?n de hospedaje en China

Costo del Visado:
1 Entrada USD$50.00
2 Entradas USD$70.00
M?ltiples entradas de 6 mesas USD$80.00
M?ltiples entradas de 1 a?o USD$120.00
Visado para Norteamericanos USD$140.00

El tr?mite Normal tarda 5 d?as laborables.
El tr?mite Urgente tarda 3 d?as, tiene un costo adicional de USD$20
El tr?mite Extra-Urgente tarda un d?a tiene un costo adicional de USD$60
*(Solo aplica presentando boletos y emergencia)
Horario de atenci?n al p?blico: lunes, mi?rcoles y viernes 9:00am-1:30pm.

A tourist visa is exactly the same but without the invitation letter.

Av. 27 de febrero #495, Torre Forum, piso 11, El Millon (entre la Av. Nu?ez de Caceres y Av. Privada)
Tel.: 809-373-3825 Fax: 809-740-5217
Thanks to all.
Aug 6, 2006
The Dominican Republic is one of a dwindling number of nations that recognize the Republic of China government, located on Taiwan, as the official government of China.

Here is the list:
The countries that currently recognize Taiwan are:
1. Burkina Faso
2. El Salvador
3. Belize
4. Nauru
5. Palau
6. Marshall Islands
7. Solomon Islands
8. Kiribati
9. Tuvalu
10. Guatemala
11. Paraguay
12. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
13. Nicaragua
14. Dominican Republic
15. Honduras
16. Vatican City
17. Panama
18. Swaziland
19. Malawi
20. Sao Tome and Principe
21. Haiti
22. Gambia
23. St. Kitts and Nevis
24. Saint Lucia

These are all smaller countries, and as a rule, in return the Taiwanese invest in them and offer various services to them in return for the recognition.

The Peoples' Republic has offices that do everything that an Embassy can do for foreigners in most of these countries.
The Taiwanese have trade offices that do the same in other countries.

The POC and the PRC are officially rivals, but they have various deals between them, because they are pragmatic, which is what Chinese always were before Mao and now after him.

The Chinese would always rather do business than fight. Only during the first 20 years or so between 1950 1bd 1980 were they dogmatic.

I find it somewhat surprising that Nicaragua is on the list. The Sandinistas were generally pro-Communist. Perhaps the change was made after Chamorro was elected and has continued because Taiwan offers them a better deal.