Getting a Mortgage in DR


Nov 22, 2007
I have a mortgage. The interest rate is insane (12%). They asked for my taxes from the previous year and it was a bunch of filling out papers. I have lived here over 10 years but not a resident still (never needed to be) and my employment is in the states so yes, you can get a mortgage without being a resident.


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Jan 5, 2021
All of my property purchases have been handled by my bank because of the excellent relationship I have with them. I would give them the property and contact info and that's it. They would call me a few weeks later and tell me to come and sign.

The bonus part is their lawyers do all of the legwork from contract to title search and verification. On one of the properties I purchased they even did the legwork to put it in a corporation for a small charge.

If the bank clears everything, there is little doubt as to the legality of the documentation.

Once the process was done, I'd pay off the loan. End of story.

That's one of the reasons I'm always preaching about making friends with your bank manager.

Yes having a one on one relation with the Manager or Official de Cuentas goes a long way, it doesn't develop to be as it has for you to everyone, unless, that person generates business for the bank.

Likely in your case, you move lots of money in your accounts. Not the case for everyone in normal cases.

The Gerente or Oficialde Cuentas would not even look at you, nevertheless help anyone, unless that is the case and that its the cold truth.