Getting away from it all!


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May 23, 2005
I am thinking of taking a short vacation and as a few of you know i live in Higuey about a hours drive from Punta Cana, I havent had a break in a while and thought i might take a week or two out and visit some of the beautiful places the DR has to offer that i have not yet had the time to discover, I have lived here for four years and seen so little of the country. I was just wondering if anyone knew of or had something suitable for a holiday rental or maybe someone is leaving their house empty for a short while and would like a responsible housesitter, Any suggestions would be greatly recieved. I do have a one year old girl so ideally somewhere on the south coast would be easier travelling distance for me, I do not want to stay on resorts but maybe an apartment or Villa, on the coast would be great or a pool at least.

Any ideas?


Jan 1, 2002
Shame you do not want the North Shore...but I can understand...

Try Palenque, we had a great series of post on that quiet place...