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Jan 7, 2016
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Hit forum up there by new posts, choose your category and it will pop up asking if you want to start a ne thread. Take it from there. Or if that doesn't work PM me.
I wanted to post this but it does not work for me. We use to have a meeting point ( Americans, Canadians and me, Dutch ) to have a drink together in Gurabo, Santiago. Unfortunately the little bar closed.

I havened seen the guys again since then. Now I have found another perfect place to meet again and have some gringo fun.

Maybe you can help me with this and post for me. It’s not spam but for the gringos living in Santiago it might be fun having again a meeting point (Very good food too BTW.)

This place is called “Meson de la Tapa”. The owner is a Spanish chef. It is a bar restaurant with a little terrace located at Av. Luperon in Plaza Gurabo just half a mile north of the building Hache on the left side next to Helado Bon.