Giants vs Patriots - 8pm - MiTaverna (Free Beer!)

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Jan 2, 1999
MiTaverna is located almost next door to Trio Cafe on Lincoln - 8pm.

- Presidente draught is 2 for 1, so you get one free :)
- Food specials. The wings are good!

This is the final game for New England to win to have a undefeated season.

The atmosphere should be amazing, big screen plasma's and plenty of people.
I'm not a huge American Football fan, but I'm going to this as I know it's going to be lots of fun.

Go Giants!!!

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ken kopas

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Jun 22, 2003
Go Pats!!!!!! We just do things better in New England and of course, in Red Sox Nation!!!!

May 5, 2007
Poor Giants

This is the final game for New England to win to have a undefeated season.

Go Giants!!!

Location Map:

The Patriots will need to go undefeated in Playoffs and win super Bowl to equal 72 Dolphins.

I know I know, Patriot's season is 2 games longer than Miami, but Miami won every regular season game AND the Big Dance!

I wish the Giants had lost last week, now they have absolutely nothing to play for and likely will rest key players to avoid injury as they don't have a bye week being a Wild card team

ESPN already has commented that the Giants have mentioned Strahann has a "muscle" bothering his back and is listed day to day

It should be fun though, I expect the Patriots to not only break but set several new records (Highest scoring team in a season, most touchdowns by a QB, most touchdowns by a receiver (Moss)

There is a reason teh Giants are ONLY 13 points underdogs, likewise Dallas is an UNDERDOG to Washington

Wish I were there

Mr. Lu

Mar 26, 2007
GOOOOOOOOOOOOO RICKY HATTON!!!!!!!!!!! Robert I am thoroughly disappointed. THOROUGHLY!!! You should be ashamed! Cheering for the Giants? I feel as if you have some left over anger from that whole Revolutionary war thing, seeing as that would be the only reason you wouldn't cheer for my beloved Patriots! And TjMurray? I can see the Jets, but the Giants. The Patriots will be kicking field goals between Micheal Strahans teeth ALL NIGHT!!!!!!! All you El Nino Blumpkin lovers stand up!! No Dirty Sanchez's here.

Still, should be a fun night at a cool bar. Im kinda homesick but it'll make me feel like I'm back in Beantown for a few hours. Though I can only imagine the Hub on Saturday night!!! Anybody wanna make a small wager? No money but some funny prankster type stuff.....jajajaj GO PATS!!! GO SOX!!!! GO EAGLES!!!!!!!! GO BRUINS!!!!! GO CELTS!!!!!!!


May 5, 2004
Ya'll are a bunch of bums! (LOL).

you KNOW the patriots are gonna spank the giants tomorrow. And eventually they WILL win the big dance and take the asterisk and shove know where.

Ok...really...they are vulnerable during the playoffs as well as the big bowl. but they seem to win even when they lose or play ugly.

As a true boston/NE fan I aint starting to brag...we from NE are used to being humbled. but if they DO it....well then watch out. We are also a town of legend. (celts in the 50's and 80's), bruins in 70's, Sox for the last and next few years, and now this amazing dynasty called the GREATRIOTS!!!

My real prediction for tomorrows ( todays) game will be a really strong first half by the Pats....and then both teams will rest their players by the start of the 4th the latest.

Oh...and to the doubters. I think the pats have been resting 2nd half for the last half of the season. The were being critisized for running up the score before that. Just wait till the playoffs!! wait till ya see the double diget leads! ( i am getting full of myself....but that is my gut feeling)

I dont think its all about the records (tho brady was playing that way last week). Its all about kicking that asterick where the sun dont shine :=-)

Its gonna be a good game!


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Oct 17, 2004
Its going to be big tonight - alot of people coming - looking forward to seeing everyone this evening at MiTaverna
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