Gonzalo Castillo interviewed on Alofoke Uncensored


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Feb 20, 2019

Ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) presidential candidate said in an interview with Internet influencer Santiago Matías for Alofoke Uncensored that he will kickstart the Dominican economy in three months if he is elected. During the interview, he pitched to the young generation that his government will provide them opportunities for these to repeat his life success story.

The interview is a first occasion when Dominicans could hear from the presidential candidate. Just the day before, on 19 May 2020, highly reputed TV host and interviewer Mariasela Alvarez had complained that Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) presidential candidate Gonzalo Castillo had not accepted invitations to appear on the program. Alvarez has been interviewing the vice-presidential candidates. She has interviewed Vice President Margarita Cedeño (PLD) and then Sergia Elena Mejía de Seliman (PRSC). Castillo...
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