Goodbye dear friend - A DR1 member


Dec 15, 2003
I am very very sad to say that an wonderful man has died very suddenly yesterday. He and his lovely wife came here about 19 years ago from the UK and made their home here. Many of you know him, he had a small electrical shop next to Sosua Business Centre. They helped many many new people here, both when they first arrived in the DR and when they had difficulties or money problems. His wife went to the supermarket yesterday and when she returned home, her husband was sitting at his pc and he had passed away.
So sudden, he was not ill. I was not sure whether to post this, but I know that many of you that he helped would want to know.

My deepest sympathies and respect go to Mary, his lovely wife. May God Bless and be with you in this dreadful time.

Sleep well Ricky.

Treasure your loved ones people, life is so very precious.