chico bill

Dogs Better than People
May 6, 2016
To everyone who showed concern for my dad, he is out of the hospital. He messaged today. It was nice to see the outpouring of concern. Hopefully he’s back to full strength soon.
It would be good to here what they used to treat him with to get him out of the hospital. Hopefully he is back up on his automotive beat soon


One Dominican at a time, please!
May 15, 2003
Santiago de Los 30 Caballeros
Eliminating the Off Topic Forum was a mistake.
It bled posters out of DR1, like water from a broken main.

Like I said, it would be self regulated if posters only had to ignore each other, instead of constant moderation.

The only three topics therein that would still be out: Politics, race and religion. In reverse order the main causes of many wars in the real world.