Government does not respond to report on profiteering from visas in Haiti


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Feb 20, 2019

Two weeks after Listin Diario revealed details of the mega business travel agencies in Haiti have with apparent complicity of Dominican authorities, the newspaper reports the situation continues as normal. Reporter Carolina Pichardo says she has not received an explanation from the Dominican authorities about the visa operation that is ongoing when Dominican consulates in Haiti are officially closed. The visas are available at the travel agencies in Haiti and are promoted on social media channels.

The investigation published by Listin Diario revealed the Dominican consulates in Haiti have issued 726,300 visas in seven and a half years, and only rejected 0.02% of the total number of requests for the consular document.

The newspaper revealed that in Haiti there is a “parallel or black market business” in the delivery of Dominican visas, and that travel agencies sell...

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