Government explains process for PCR tests


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Feb 20, 2019

The Superintendence of Labor Health and Risks (Sisalril) explains that Resolution 231-21 authorizes only one Covid-19 PCR per insured person per year.

The measure goes into effect on 23 April 2021. For your insurance plan (ARS) to cover a PCR test, the person must first have the results of an antigen test taken within at most 72 hours. The results of this test are required to get the PCR test to confirm the findings.

To have your health insurance cover the PCR test, a physician needs to write up a prescription that specifies that the patient is symptomatic with negative antigen, asymptomatic with confirmed contact and negative antigen, or asymptomatic with unconfirmed contact and positive antigen. Tests covered by the insurance companies are subsidized by the Ministry of Public Health that picks up the tab for the test.

Sisalril says that the insurance companies will not cover the...

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