Government removes tourist card payment requirement for Dominicans and legal residents


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Feb 20, 2019

At present all travelers to the Dominican Republic get a charge for US$10 in their airline ticket. The airlines collect the funds and deliver the money to the government.

Now, the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) announces airlines have 45 days to update their computers systems and stop charging Dominican citizens and legal foreign residents in the DR the US$10 tourist card for entry into the country.

At present, all travelers must pay for the US$10 tourist card. While Dominicans and residents are allowed to request a reimbursement for the advance payment, the procedure is tedious and used by very few.

The Civil Aviation Board issued Resolution 217-2022 instructs the airlines to make adjustments in their computer systems to eliminate the charge on airline tickets to Dominicans and Dominican legal foreign residents.

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