Government resumes work to complete Ciudad Sanitaria Luis Eduardo Aybar


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Feb 20, 2019

Work has been resumed on the completion of the Ciudad Sanitaria Luis Eduardo Aybar, the largest public hospital complex in the Dominican Republic. The project was begun in 2013 and would have been finished in 2017.

Speaking at the La Semanal press conference on the medical city, Housing Minister Carlos Bonilla said that the delays that have affected the equipment are because the contractor demanded payment to deliver the codes for the equipment. The government was demanding completion of the works as contracted. After several agreements fell through, the government has now replaced the contractor.

The Ministry of Housing and Construction (MIVED) is in charge of the project since the change of government in 2020. Dr. Jose Joaquin Puello, the hospital’s president, called for works to continue in an interview published in Listin Diario last week.


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