Government will not lift ban on late night alcohol sales for Christmas


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Feb 20, 2019

Minister of Interior & Police Jesus (Chu) Vasquez told Dominicans to forget about the traditional lifting for alcoholic drinking during the Christmas and New Year holidays. He said the government will maintain the ban on alcoholic sales as part of restrictions that seek to control the coronavirus’s spread. Traditionally in December, the government had removed restrictions on late evening sales of alcoholic beverages.

“We cannot. We must necessarily maintain control of the places where alcoholic beverages are sold. We are living a special year, a year that we cannot allow that kind of things,” said Vasquez during a breakfast at the Listin Diario.

Nevertheless, he left open that the Ministry of Interior & Police could relax some of the restrictions for the holidays. He said the curfew is in effect now until 22 December, and there could be relaxing of measures for 24 December...

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