Granite vs Marmolite countertops


New member
Apr 4, 2007
I am in the process of having a house built. I would greatly appreciate the opinions of some homeowners/renters on whether I should have granite or marmolite countertops installed. I had originally wanted black granite countertops but have been reading about problems with cloudy rings forming on the black granite countertops. Has anyone experienced this in black or any color countertops in granite? I was also wondering about the quality of the granite in the DR. My builder usually uses the marmolite countertops and that is what is paid for under our contract. However, I have been told that to have granite countertops there will be an additional charge of $1900.00 to upgrade. I am unsure of exactly what marmolite countertops are and which would be a better option. Thank you for your input.

Jan 5, 2006
I have had dark granite countertops in the US for many years, and never have had any issues with stains, cloudy rings, etc. In DR, we have lighter granite countertops and bathroom vanity tops that are going on 3 years now, and no problems either.

You can get very interesting designs with granite also, and one of my favorite things is the clean look of undermount sinks that I haven't seen with marmolite.

Danny W

Mar 1, 2003
I have granite in my NY apartment - 5 years with no problem.

For my house under construction in the DR I am thinking about ceramic tile countertops instead of granite. It's cheaper and can look terriffic.

I'm also going to use wood (polyurethaned) for the eating countertop. It's also much cheaper and looks great. - D